About Us


Mission Statement

Washington Street Community Center is an educational support organization dedicated to serving and encouraging the youth, young adults and seniors in the community.

Our Mission

Washington Street Community Center develops programs by which area residents, through self-help and overall community empowerment, improve the quality of their economic and social participation in community life. Programs are developed that address public awareness of core problems that affect our community sch as literacy, school drop outs, crime, unemployment, and other social and economic at-risk behaviors and life styles. The Center not only identify and bring togethr organizations and individuals to examine the social and economic challenges, but mobilize public, local government and private support for new policies and program initiatives.

History of WSCC


Washington Street Community Center has served youth and their families in the Covington/Newton County Community since 1996. The primary focus and mission at Washington Street Community Center is to support education. Our informal educational programs are designed to empower youth and families to take an active role with their educational process. Our goal is to bring an end to the debilitating cycle of hopelessness and despair that may seem to rob many in our community of the chance to reach their full potential and have a more rewarding and successful life.

WSCC has a rich history dating back to when Washington Street School was a grammar school and the only school for Newton’s Black population. The school would eventually become a high school at the early part of the 20th century. Today, the state of the art Center annually serves a diverse population of over 3,500 youth and families annually.


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